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Providing resources and programs for everyday activities for families and for the future independence of their children.

Resources and Programs

  • Participate in an AIR Travel program (real world demonstration experience at a venue, such as airport).
  • Express your interest in organizations/venues that you would like to have an AIR Travel© program. Find educational materials to support inclusion programs


  • Provides your family with a unique supported experience that can lead to future mainstream experiences.
  • Influence organizations in their journey toward inclusion. Access up to date, educational materials to enhance your family’s experience


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Helping organizations design, implement, and assess inclusion programs to benefit their businesses.

Consulting and Implementation Services

Our consulting and implementation services can be applied at a corporate and organization level as well as site-specific opportunities.

  • Inclusion Strategy & Program Design – Strategic planning for organizations
  • Organization and/or Site Assessment – Organization and site review and recommendations
  • Resource Design and Development – Collateral, event and activity design and development
  • Personnel Education and Training – organization-wide education and site specific hands-on training
  • AIR Travel Programs – Organization and families engage in real world demonstration program
  • Outcome Measurement and Best Practice Implementation - Measure effectiveness of programs, implement best practices and monitor progress of organization’s efforts


  • Create an environment that fosters successful mainstream experiences for families
  • Fulfills an organization’s mission to be inclusive
  • Provides new streams of revenue from a population that does not regularly engage in events, sites, and community experiences
  • Provides opportunity for positive political attention and public relations


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Expanding boundaries of expertise to community application

Education and Training

  • Participation in Inclusion Training Sessions
  • Participate in AIR Travel programs


  • Extending clinical experience to the community expands skills and increases marketability of skills
  • Training sessions with multi-disciplinary clinicians provides expanded knowledge and increases your network for future opportunities

Advocacy, Education and Outreach

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Inclusion opens a world of experience and opportunity for families, organizations, and society in general

Through our 501(c)3 non-profit, we focus on the following initiatives:

  • Advocate for new legal standards regarding inclusion for families affected by autism
  • Research and publish findings on new methods for and impact of inclusion
  • Education and engagement of the public about inclusion including:
    • Speaking engagements about autism, therapy, medicine, psychology and our AIR Travel© program outcomes
    • Symposia dedicated to gathering experts to discuss and further the agenda of community inclusion