AIR - Helping Families Soar

Our Approach

Engagement is more than outreach

AIR provides opportunities for learning and enrichment in the community.

Many organizations offer special events for those with autism. These events are wonderful introductions to the community, but they are not a substitute for everyday participation.

Bridge the Gaps

AIR provides solutions for both families and organizations.

AIR identifies the gaps between families and community inclusion. We enable organizations to connect with families.

View through Multiple Perspectives

Comprehensive solutions require the views of many.

AIR unites the perspectives of various individuals including those affected by autism and professionals, such as educators, therapists, physicians and psychologists.

Stay the Course

AIR’s vision spans inclusion for children through independence for adults.

Community inclusion is the key to future independence. Every year that a child is in the community, they are building scaffolding for skills needed in adulthood.

Measure Outcomes

Best practices are defined through program measurement.

Through regular evaluation, refinement and finding what works best, we define programs that create a standard of care able to be delivered on a broad scale.